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    Hogwarts Lives Primer


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    Hogwarts Lives Primer Empty Hogwarts Lives Primer

    Post by Xan 28th May 2014, 5:22 am

    1. Visit the Important Information forum

    Since you’re reading this primer and it’s in the Important Info forum, you’re obviously on the right track!

    While you’re here, also read up on:

    About Hogwarts Lives
    Explains the idea behind the site and why it was made. The plot is also in here.

    The rules
    These cover the basic site rules, how you should register your character, in character rules, the site rating, technical details like graphic sizes and advertising restrictions.

    Introduction to roleplay
    This thread goes into more detail on common roleplay etiquette.

    Time & timeline
    Contains information about the current year on Hogwarts Lives and how time is measured on the site.

    Getting Sorted
    We don’t have an application process, but for Hogwarts students, we do have a sorting (don’t worry, it’s not multiple choice).  This thread explains what to do.

    Non-student characters
    Expectations for non-student characters

    Creating multiple accounts
    A couple of tips for anyone who wants more than one account on the forum.

    2.  Decide on a character

    On Hogwarts Lives, there are many character types, but they fall into two categories:

    • Hogwarts Students  
    The lifeblood of the site and the characters the site is focused on.  It is highly recommended you begin with a student character.  

    If you don’t know much about Harry Potter, try starting out with a muggleborn student, and you will be able to learn about the Wixen World along with your character (this is how I began RPing, incidentally).

    • Everyone Else  
    Professors, goblins, house elves, shopkeepers in Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley, etc.  These characters are less likely to get as much opportunity to interact with each other as Hogwarts students.

    For those of you who are interested, yes, we do accept trans and non binary characters.

    I can’t stress enough that this site is focused on Hogwarts and right now I have no intentions to expand it.  So if you want your character to be Minister for Magic, this probably isn’t the site for you.

    3. Visit the Claims Forum

    If the character you plan to create isn’t an ordinary Hogwarts student, you should visit the claims forum.

    Find the pertinent thread and read up on whatever it is you want to claim (magical powers, a different species, being an adult, etc).

    4. Register your character!

    Okay, you’ve done all your background reading and it hasn’t driven you away.  Now it’s time to register (assuming you haven’t done so already).

    Hit the link underneath the banner and register with your character’s most commonly used name.

    That’s the name you want people to call them on the forum.  For example, we know Ronald Weasley as Ron, so someone wanting to register him as a character should register as Ron Weasley.  Make sense?

    5. Start Roleplaying

    You can start roleplaying as soon as you’ve registered.  There is absolutely no application process on Hogwarts Lives and even having a character profile is optional.

    At this point, I highly recommend checking out Diagon Alley and starting to purchase your character’s school supplies if you decided to create a student.  Especially if you joined between terms or have a first year, this is a great opportunity to get to know other characters in their house and year.

    6.  Make Changes to Your Character

    If there are any changes that need to be made to your character, including name changes and claims for different species or special powers, it's best to make them before you get your character sorted.

    7. Try on the Sorting Hat

    If you are creating a third or fifth year student, you can visit the Sorting Hat and get sorted immediately. Remember to PM me when you’re finished or I will assume you’ve created a first year and won’t sort you until the next term.  

    Please also remember to RP your character as though they have been at Hogwarts since first year when you are sorted.  We are not accepting transfer students while the site is getting started up (this may change in future).

    If you are creating a first year student, your sorting will open up in June/December so that your character can attend the sorting ceremony when Hogwarts goes back in July/January.

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