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    Getting Sorted Empty Getting Sorted

    Post by Xan 9th April 2014, 7:50 am

    Getting Sorted

    The Sorting Hat is a form which allows you to fill in a response unique to your character.  If you're used to the kind of roleplay forum that has an application, you can think of this as your app.

    You need to know three things before your character gets sorted:

    1. Their year
    2. Their blood type
    3. The definition of wixen (even if your character hasn't heard it before)

    Your character can be sorted into first, third or fifth year.  

    First years are sorted as a class group in January and July each real-life year.  They won't find out their house until the Sorting Ceremony happens and they RP sitting under the Sorting Hat.

    Third and Fifth Years are sorted when I get their sorting form and must RP as though they've been at Hogwarts all along.   Third and Fifth Years must PM me when they submit their sorting form, otherwise I will assume they want to be first year characters and won't go look at the answers.

    Information about magical blood types can be found here and the definition of wixen is here

    Most of the sorting form asks you to answer in character.  However, if you wish to add out of character comments you can do so by surrounding them in double brackets ((like this)).

    Once your form is complete, you're encouraged to RP in Diagon Alley where you can purchase your character's wand and other school supplies while you wait for them to be sorted.

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